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History of the Silver Fox

                 The Silver fox was the third breed to be developed in the United States. It is only recognized in the U.S.   New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom have a breed called the Silver Fox but it is equivalent in our Standards of perfection to the Silver Marten. The breed was originally created by Walter B. Garland, who lived in North Canton, Ohio.  Walter spent 14 years selectively breeding with a black Checkered Giant does and English Silver bucks until he was happy with them.  In 1925, the breed was accepted by ARBA at the Colorado Springs convention. The Silver Fox was originally called the American Heavyweight Silver but the name was changed to American Silver Fox in 1929.

                   In 1971, the National Silver Fox Rabbit Club was founded with 18 Silver Fox breeders as members. Today the Silver Fox is said to be one of the rarest rabbit breeds in America, and is considered threatened by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.