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History of  the Mini Rex

         The Mini Rex was first recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) in 1988, and has been very popular in the United States ever since. This is especially because of their small size, velvet like coat and sweet personality.  The Mini Rex was created in France in the late 19th century.

         The rex breed has a genetic modification that causes the hair to stand up straight instead of lying flat and the guard hairs to be shorter than usual so are the same length as  the under coat. They can weigh from 3.5 to 4.5 pounds when fully grown and the ideal length of the fur when fully grown is 5/8 inches. They come in a variety of colors including black, blue, blue eyed white, broken group, castor, chinchilla, chocolate, himalayan, lilac, lynx, opal, otter, red, red eyed white, sable point, seal, silver marten, smoke pearl, and tortoise. 

      This beautiful rabbit breed can also be found in stories as it is the breed that "The Velveteen Rabbit" is based on!