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Show Quality

  •  Complete pedigree
  • Healthy rabbit
  • Complies with Standards of Perfection

Pet  Quality

  •  No Pedigree
  •  Healthy Rabbit

Breed Quality

  •  Complete pedigree
  • Healthy rabbit
  • Complies with the Standards of Perfection
  •  Adequate for breeding and raising kits

I am a member of the El Paso  County 4H, before that a member of the Loudoun County 4-H. I have been a member of 4-H for the last six years.   I have five breeds of rabbits, Dutch, Cinnamon, Mini Rex, Himalayan, and Silver Fox but I focus on breeding only the Silver Fox and Mini Rex. I do have occasional litters of Himalayan's though  I enjoy showing at County Fairs and State fairs, along with ARBA sanctioned shows.

I am a registered member of ARBA and my rabbitry is registered with them as well.